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The British Museum

In collaboration with the British Museum, All Things studio designed the exhibition ‘The past is present: Becoming Egyptian in the 20th century’.  


The exhibitions’ scope was to highlight the multi-ethnic composition of Egyptian national identity as well as illustrate that the use of Ancient Egyptian imagery in everyday life in Egypt was only introduced in the early 20th century. The leading object of the exhibition is a bronze emblem of Bank Misr, the first national bank in Egypt, founded in 1920. 

All Things

studio project

The rest of the objects in the exhibition were divided in two main categories, domestic and public. The objects in the domestic category where more personal and everyday objects such as cigarette’s packs, magazines, jewellery etc. where as the public category had street signs and commercial posters. 


Our design approach reflected the concept of the two categories in both materiality and layout. We agreed on a fabric wrapped table in the middle of the room, and for a concrete look-alike material mounted on the walls for the signs to go on.

Exhibition photographs: Thomas Adank


100_ Top Plan.jpg
200_ Introduction Wall Elevation.jpg
320_ Table Section.jpg
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