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Together with Matt Schwab (All Things Studio) we designed the trophies for this year's exhibition Designs of The Year for the Design Museum. Our inspiration was the square plan of the museum as well as the hyperbolic paraboloid shape of the roof. The seven trophies 'celebrated' the architecture of the new museum in Kensighton.

Once we had the design ready, Matt handed over the manufacturing process to me and two of my university classmates-collegues, Archie Harding and Tom Morgan. 

The three of us were quite familiar with the material we were working with, however, we had to apply new techniques, which made the project a bit more interesting and challenging for us. We ended up casting approximately 60 trophies from which only 14 were actually selected and given to the Museum and the sponsors.

The overall winner of this year's exhibition was the IKEA Foundation's Better Shelter.

Project worked with:         

Archie Harding

Matt Schwab

Tom Morgan

Project worked for:          

The Design Museum

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