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F1 Xperience: The Exclusive
Grand Prix Exhibition


Conceptual Project

The following project is a conceptual brief that I set for myself. I've designed an exhibition space for a Formula 1 VIP event scheduled to take place after a Grand Prix race. Special guests will be invited to explore the world of Formula 1. The exhibition space consists of two main rooms and a welcoming lobby.


The first room functions as an exhibition space where visitors can get up close to the mechanical parts of an F1 car, explore various Grand Prix maps around the world, and delve into the history behind them. The second room houses the bar, with a podium for guest speakers situated at the back. The exhibition space is an open plan area, allowing visitors to move freely between the two rooms. All graphics and way-finding adhere to the brand guidelines of F1.

Leveraging the dynamic F1 logo, I have designed dynamic walkways encircling the exhibition space. These walkways guide guests through the area, establishing a robust connection between the space and the esteemed F1 brand.

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