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2021 & 2022

Client: KITH
Employer: Swarovski

In 2021, I received a commission to undertake a Christmas project for the renowned American apparel brand, KITH. The task involved creating designs for crystal ornaments embellished with Swarovski crystals. For the Kithmas 2021 collection, I delivered multiple designs, out of which two were chosen, manufactured, and made available both in-store and online. The ornaments proved to be incredibly popular, selling out within 48 hours of their launch.

Building on the triumph of the Kithmas 2021 ornaments, I was invited to contribute to the 2022 collection. I presented various design options, resulting in the production of a snowman ornament and a set of Christmas balls featuring the distinctive Kith logo. Once again, the items experienced swift sell-outs, attesting to their appeal and the continued success of the collaborative holiday ventures with KITH.

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