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For the live project we were provided with a huge range of data illustrated as graphs from Senegal, focusing on five key areas, Health, Agriculture, Transport, Energy, and Education. Our task was to examine the results of the Data for Development contest, and design an information service targeting the mid and small size communities in small cities and villages. Our system should take actions and improve people’s life in one or more, of the five key areas.


Needed to find something that made the data collected by Orange relevant to the people in the country we started looking at literacy levels. We discovered that one of the country’s biggest current problems was the illiteracy that exists in rural areas and the suburbs of the big cities across Senegal. Due to the illiteracy as well as being a Muslim country, children do not get the proper education concerning sexual health and it becomes a rare topic for discussion.


We had to focus on something that was universal so we could prototype and understand it here in London. After meeting Ahmandou, a Senegalese football coach we realised how football could be the perfect vehicle to aid our project. Football is the largest sport in England and second largest in Senegal, it has become a language for countries to communicate with.

We produced a sexual health football coaching video. The video explained how HIV worked and the symptoms it creates whilst also demonstrating the drills and how to teach through football. The video was filmed in the UK but we discussed how it could be re-appropriated for Senegal and children. Alongside the video we produced a coaching manual with many more drills to teach about HIV.

2nd year

BA Design


Literacy: definition: age 15 and over can read and write
Total population: 57.7%
Male: 69.7%
Female: 46.6% (2015 est.)

- (Index Mundi)

Project worked with:         

Archie Harding

Josie Beardsmore

Katie Foster

Sasha Webster

Tom Morgan

Project worked for:            


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