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1st year

BA Design


Project worked with:         

Arash Nouruzi

Katie Foster

Lilias Jean-Grace

Tom Robinson

As part of the brief, our group was given the OXO tower as the selected environment for our study, a point to observe and analyse individuals, crowds, groups, behaviours, systems, actions, designs, rules, limits etc.


The first stage of the project was to create models that would reflect to the first hand research and 'behaviours' we had gathered, observed and addressed within the architectural space of our site. The second part was to design and contrive our proposed intervention. 


The direction that our project took was to question the limits between the private and the public space. We researched and found every possible information regarding the OXO tower and its history, but there were a lot of missing parts.

Our final intervention was to design a campaign, raise awareness for the London councils and create a petition to get OXO listed among the historical buildings of London; we contacted various of people within the London council

Photographs: Stuart Bannocks


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