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Scanned pages from the book " Design activities in the classroom " by John Lidstone.

"Constructing in materials without first planning on paper helps to develop a strong design sense."

Students get the opportunity to engage with design projects and materials from a young age. In art classrooms the early design processes are being emphasized via constructing projects. Cheap and every day materials may be a great inspiration to construct and a great challenge at the same time. Materials and processes provide most of the boost concerning the design activities.

Looking through this book what comes to my mind is the connection of this project with the 2nd year project ISMs. The collaboration between classmates into art classes. How would the art piece change by the interpretation of a brush that more than two people are using at the same time? I would potentially be interested into designing an art class with collaborative tools, aimed for young students. The reason i would select kids is because they have a free spirit, when they are drawing they dont think about proportions and let everything into their imagination and I would be interested into seeing how those young mind would interpretative with the tools. What would they change and what would they make different. Not to mention the fact that learning to be a team player from a young age is quite important.

"Design activities for the classroom", John Lidstone. Davis Publications, Worcester - Massachusetts, 1977.

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