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PROJECT : The end of sitting

The End of Sitting is a project done in 2011 questioning the working environment and making an experimental statement of the possibilities radical changes behind it.


For the Venice Biennale Architecture 2010 RAAAF was invited to work on a brief that would question the potential architectural landscapes and resolve the complex challenges that our society is facing nowadays. The studio selected to highlight the 10.000 disused public buildings in the Netherlands, ageing from the 17th to the 21st century. Those buildings hide large potentials for innovations and experimentation. There is currently a big interest of utilizing those spaces, recycling them in one sense. Based on RAAAF successful examples are the Tate Modern on London and the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

What I find intriguing about this project is how the studio has used modeling prototypes to recreate this huge number of buildings and expose them to the public. The visual result is really strong in combination with the information that the project is based on. By gathering them all together and spreading them around the room, one can actually perceive the percentage of those constructions that still remain unused. For me this is an incredible way of visualization, clear, direct and efficient.

PROJECT : Pretty Vacant

By reusing the leftover foam material from the "Vacant NL" project the studio is setting up an installation empowering the interior space of the chapel while creating a window to loo through the empty spaces of the Centraal Museum. A sufficient use of the materials. However, the purpose of the installation remains mostly artistic rather than en lighting potential information

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